Sea Breeze restaurant on Nai Harn Beach

The first time we went to Nai Harn beach, we were searching for a place to have lunch among the many restaurants when we reached Sea Breeze. At first, we simply chose it because it seemed relaxed and casual, and because nobody tried to drag us inside like the other places did. And what a good choice ! We then went there for lunch every day. There was always a nice Nouvelle Vague CD playing relaxing music, and the waiter was extremely chilled and friendly. The fruit smoothies were to die for, and they were masters at tailoring the dish to ones own taste (not too spicy for example !).

Their Som Tam (Papaya salad) was really tasty and juicy and the Pad Thai is delicious as well.

And that’s where we met Tsunami Dog.

Her : the atmosphere of that place was really what I liked the most : very relaxed, no pressure, good simple food and a real ability to enjoy the moment. 

Him : I loved this restaurant, food is extremely well cooked and they also have some original and unique dishes like the fried larb. 

Nai harn Beach Sea BreezeP1030299 P1030301


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