Phuket Island : Overview

Thailand’s larger island is located in the South West of Thailand. We flew there from Abu Dhabi with Etihad Airways on April 15th 2014, and that was our second trip to Thailand, first in Phuket. What struck us first when we exited the airport was the heat. And the undefinable craziness that so much sums up South East Asia.

The Airport is located 1 hour away from the main touristic area : Patong, Karon and Kata Beach. And the traffic, like in the rest of Thailand, is insanely dangerous. In fact, 26000 people are killed in road accidents every year in Thailand, and as some sort of twist of fate, the taxi driving us from the airport to our hotel got into a minor crash, leaving us waiting in the middle of the road for about an hour.

Tourism is a huge source of income for the island. Phuket welcomes more than 3 million visitors every year, from all over the world. This comes with a whole set of consequences. Good ones, such as a source of revenue to build better roads, hospitals… and bad ones, such as a very disturbing pollution situation, poor animal welfare and touristic areas which are all but authentic Thailand.

That being said, Phuket also offers lovely beaches and amazing landscapes for who is able and willing to go on road trips. It also has the unbeatable advantage to be easy to reach from Europe for short holidays, unlike more isolated islands like Koh Phangan, Koh Chang or Koh Tao. This blogs gives a few tips on what was good, what was less good and, especially, where to eat food that is not “same same but different” but really different !



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