Phuket beaches : from filth to paradise

Finding a nice, quiet beach suitable for snorkeling is not easy business. We drove up to Surin, Kamala and Nai Yang beaches (North of Patong) but that was too far from where we stayed for a relaxing day. Massive tourism and an overall loose attitude towards the environment means that, unfortunately, a lot of beaches are covered in rubbish ( and I mean : COVERED). Some people didn’t seem to mind, but for us it was a big disappointment.

Karon and Patong beaches were out of the question as it was like swimming in a sea of plastic. Tons and tons of rubbish were floating in the water or buried in the sand. These beaches were disgusting and it really shocked and saddened us to see such a non-respect of the environment.

Kata Noi Beach is nice, and the Katathani resort cleans the beach every morning. The water was quite clear.

Our favorite was Nai Harn beach, close to Rawai. The far right side of the beach (when facing the sea) is the best and the water kept clean for the 5 consecutive days we went there. It is also a good spot for snorkeling and there are some colorful fishes close to the rocks. Chairs and beach umbrellas can be rented for 5 euro for the whole day. There is also a great little place to have lunch, called “Sea Breeze”. You can rent a canoe on the beach and go on the small island just in front (Potatoe Island). Make sure to be fit enough as the currents are really strong !

If you arrive on Nai Harn beach and keep driving through the resort and yacht club, you will reach a small road leading you to Ao Sane Beach, an amazing spot for snorkeling (you can see fishes swimming around you even without a mask !)

Her : Nai Harn was so relaxing and nice, great atmosphere and, above all : Clean. It was great to relax all day, and the beach umbrella definitely came in handy as the temperature raised up to almost 40°C !

Him : If you are snorkeling obsessed like me, then rent a canoe and go to Potato island in front of  Nai Harn. Then jump in the water with your mask and you’ll be pleased. Same variety of fishes you can also find in Ao Sane Beach. Last tip, walk through the rocks on the right side of Nai Harn during the day, I saw a 1 meter varan there 😉

Nai Yang Beach Nai Yang Beach Nai Yang Beach Nai Yang Beach Nai Yang Beach P1030240 Nai harn Beach Ao Sane Beach Ao Sane Beach Ao Sane Beach Ao Sane Beach Nai harn Beach Sea Breeze Nai harn Beach


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