Mor Mu Dong : thai food not for the fainthearted

We heard about Mor Mu Dong thanks to food explorer Andrew Zimmern, and what we saw on the show looked so good that we had to try this place ! It is not easy to find and does not have any signs in English. But the reward is an unforgettable,  authentic and tasty Thai diner.

Directions : Head for the famous Phuket Zoo in Chalong. After a few minutes on the road, you will see a Thai Boxing training centre on the left side of the road. Take the next road on the left (you will see plenty of seafood restaurant signs), and keep going, always straight ahead, for at least 10 minutes. You will soon reach the end on the road and you will see a big parking on the right, and colorful toilets. The restaurant in there ! It looks like a garden centre from the outside, full of trees, flowers and above the mangrove.

Map Here.

Her : I had the sea-bass in plum sauce, twice ! The fish was served in a succulent broth (not spicy), on top of some hot charcoal. There was plenty of vegetable and herbs as well, and it was probably the best fish recipe I ever tried.

Him : The stuffed mackerel, the crispy fried fish entrails and the sea snails. Order these and thank me later.

One Sea-bass in plum sauce, one plain rice, one blue flower rice, sea snails in curry sauce, stuffed mackerel, two beers : 600 baths ( 14 euro). Winner !

P1030328 P1030329 P1030331 P1030332 P1030333 P1030335 P1030336 P1030337 P1030338


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